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How it works

Unlike traditional beauty salons, services on the GlamTrucks won't require you to travel across town or spend an hour waiting in line.

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We roll into your driveway 
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1. Book

Book & customize your appointment online

Try it yourself
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2. Get in

We roll into your driveway or meet you at a specific location

Let us come to you
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3. Get pampered

You're first in line to glam within 10-20 minutes

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Why we’re different

Besides bringing professional beauty services to your doorstep, our unique technique is making all the difference!
Using creamier hard wax with a specific application method, inspired by the Lion Breath, makes waxing a lot less painful with GTW.

The GlamTruck Warriors is a beauty experience you never knew you were craving, fully customized to your liking. We're talking music, scent, and everything in between - you're in control, every step of the way.

A combination of ease, availability, luxury, personalization, and spectacular service - makes GlamTruck Warriors the desired beauty model for consumers and beauty professionals.

Getting real personal

Free consult

Get a free consultation to fit our services to your needs

A beauty appointment is an intimate experience, many times. Even if you're not starting off with a Brazilian waxing or a bikini wax, we appreciate your trust and respect it.

At GlamTruck Warriors, we want you to feel excited and empowered out of every appointment. This first FREE consult is for you and your aesthetician to get to know each other, and figure out how to make it happen. It's your time to set expectations, and for us to learn exactly how to fulfill them on your next waxing / tanning appointment.

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Customizing your tan color solution

It's odd how in 2022 there are only 3 main shades for spray tanning, even though we're all so different from each other. To be 100% inclusive, GlamTruck Warriors set up a custom combination for your skin color and type.

No more excessive burning in the sun after a spray tan, no more "oops" or "why is it so orange?" moments in front of the mirror. Spray tanning can be customized for you. Get the right shade to look fantastically natural, and keep your skin safe.

Select your music preference for every appointment.

Music has a mystic power to connect us to ourselves and help us set the mood and energy. But it could also do the exact opposite and be overwhelming or annoying.

This is why at GlamTruck Warriors we always want to know ahead of time what music puts YOU in a good place.

Choose the scent for your appointment on the GlamTruck
(or no scent if that's your preference!)

The scent is one of the strongest nature powers we bump into on a daily basis. A whiff of something can throw us back to a clear, specific moment, even if it happened years ago.

The scientific explanation for this is that scents bypass the thalamus and go straight to the brain's smell center. But even without the science terms, we simply know scents mean a lot to our customers, so they mean a lot to us.

Plan ahead for big events with a custom try-out

There's nothing like getting pampered before a big event, like a graduation, a high school reunion, a bachelorette party, a wedding, or a dream vacation. But there's also so much stress involved in the process.

As Glam Truck Warriors we want you to have an easy, enjoyable day. We can easily take the stress away by adjusting to your schedule and location, setting up a test appointment a few weeks before, and providing our top-notch service.

Get a taste of your custom spray tan color solution, and check what your bikini wax could feel like before your vacation. If you’re looking for the best Brazilian wax around you, GlamTruck Warriors will probably tick all of your boxes with a painless waxing technique, quality products, and service at your location.


Beauty is for everyone, right?
At GlamTruck Warriors this is one of our service pillars. Any person should have an affordable waxing and tanning available to come to them.

Pricing varies by location, but will usually be within the same range as a local salon. We don't charge extra for the luxury of pulling into your driveway; We believe that's the best way to do it, so this is how we roll.


Offering a growing list of services, you're sure to find what you're looking for on the GlamTrucks.

From organic airbrush spray tan parties to a speedy eyebrow wax on the way to work, eyebrow tinting, bi-weekly spray tanning, bikini wax, full body wax, or just a small facial wax - we got you. A GlamTruck Warrior can come to you and deliver just the right pampering for your needs.

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America’s Real Deal

America's Real Deal premiered on Fox Business, Apple TV & more with Tania Torres snatching the hearts (and pockets!) of investors and the crowd at home.

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Must-see moments from the show:

The Master behind GlamTruck Warriors

With over 10 years of experience as an esthetician and wax trainer, Tania Torres is a Master Wax Specialist. Known for her painless touch, expert eyebrows, and charismatic personality, Tania is considered one of Bergen County's finest technicians.

After working with renowned Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. David Goldberg, and being an employee, and then an Operations Manager at one of the largest wax franchises in the U.S. for 7 years - Tania realized something was still missing in the waxing and tanning experience.

Photo of owner

As Covid-19 quarantine requirements lifted, Tania adapted quickly and started offering at-home services to her yearning customers.

"I thought this will be the solution both for my super-busy customers, and those who were scared to go into a public location, but it wasn't all peaches".

The heavy equipment, the need to find room in (sometimes small) apartments, the customer's need to tidy up and prepare the space... it was too much for both sides.

And then - the truck dream came to life as a family effort; Tania's father used his tremendous mechanical skills to outfit the Ford van and turn it into that wonder wax truck - a beauty salon on wheels. Affordable appointments for customers, and an affordable business opportunity for future GlamTruck owners. A win-win.

Check out the hand-made first model:


How do I know if this will work for me?


If you don't like spending time in traffic or waiting in line, this is a best option for you. At GlamTruck Warriors we focus on your personal experience. We bring professional beauty services to you, you're first in line and we tailor the environment and solution to you. If that sounds interesting, the best way to find out if this will be a good match is to schedule a free consult with your local GlamTruck Warrior.

How to prepare for an eyebrow waxing appointment?


The day before waxing, whether it is eyebrow waxing, Brazilian wax, or other - it is best to use a fine grain exfoliant to remove dead skin.  Hydrate your skin with your favorite moisturizer to allow for a smooth wax with the least amount of breakage. If the skin is healthy and free of dead skin, hair can easily be released from the follicle. This makes painless waxing, plus there will be minimal chances for ingrown hair issues.

Will you really come to me, wherever I am?

YES! That's the whole point.
As long as we cover your zip - we will be there.
Need an eyebrow waxing? Full body wax? Brazilian wax? Eyebrow tinting? Anything else from our 40+ services long list? Check if your zip is covered

Does waxing hurt?


Let's start off by saying that pulling hair is generally an unpleasant experience, BUT there are many ways to make it better (or worse!) At GlamTruck Warriors, we put a lot of focus on this aspect of your experience. Our GlamTruck owners and operators are trained and constantly updated on the new trends and options in the industry. With Tania Torres’ unique application technique, inspired by the Lion Breath, most customers report a less painful (or even painless waxing) experience compared to other places.
Not sure this is for you? Our free consult is made just for that! Schedule a consult to learn more about the process and your local options.

How to prevent ingrown hair


Well, the main method to prevent ingrown hair from your face, pubic area, underarm, and pretty much anywhere else - is to stop shaving.
Many people prefer shaving over waxing because they worry wax will hurt too much, but the truth is that ingrown hair hurts quite a bit, and happens often while shaving at home. If you're one to suffer from ingrown hair often, you might wanna try GlamTruck Warriors' waxing, many first-timers admit this is a painless process (or at least a LOT less painful than they expected)
Thanks to a unique application technique, inspired by the yoga Lion Breathing, painless waxing is now a thing.